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Transversal and transformational management

What meaning should be given to this operational mode in companies? In truth, everything is said with the terms “transversal” and “transformational”:  going through divisions to transform human behaviours.

Understanding the stakes of transversality and thus leaving hierarchical habits. Setting up algorithms that are innovative, effective, fast and adapted to the requirements of management in the 21st century.

BEING and becoming successful is no more a second nature, but rather a primary evidence.


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By developing a culture of change,

By uprooting stiffened and numbed behaviours,

leadership is ultimately expressed and shown in its true form, and reintroduces at the core of its organisation the notion of BEING and humans, thus allowing the blooming of a dynamic and successful paradigm: the pleasure of achieving shared and sincere satisfaction that cannot be limited to the mere assessment of collaborators’ value based on the targeted objectives.

The aim is to develop the capacity of every individual with respect to professional identities and to preserve the notion of humanity.

Direct your career plan towards a conduct of change

Models change, challenges arise!

Thanks to 20 years of experience, Valior leads you towards a change that is adapted to your projects in tomorrow’s world.

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Every action, every involvement orients your future. Everything is being built here and now: the platform of your future. It is therefore vital to understand that every individual’s versatility will be the key factor to tomorrow’s success.


By adopting a conduct of change,

by acquiring new behavioural and verbal techniques,

by having a perfect command of transversal management and the understanding of how irrefutable expertise should be applied, you will be noticed for your method, order, organisation, flexibility, and agile thinking and behaviour, as well as your resulting outstanding efficiency.

1 question from the quiz: What demonstrates our leadership and acts on human hearts?

Confidence! Self-confidence. Authenticity, self-assurance, internal security, the certainty of being true!

So obtain the expected results with the support of VALIOR’s professionalism and impeccable knowledge.

Sales training. The sociology of sales, an art to itself

Sales has been existing since the dawn of time. Traces can be found in the archaeological sites of many civilisations.


Sales is a lucrative practice, a central activity for all companies whose principle relies on a two-fold recognition:

– Being present in the market

– Having a distinctive feature.

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VALIOR is actively present, as a compendium of logic, in the area of training, and its objective is client satisfaction.


VALIOR proposes dynamic and interactive training courses that rely on the emotional intelligence of buyers and sellers by using analyses concepts, strategic approaches with respect to clients, specific techniques to deal with internal or external disputes, synchrony or diachrony principles, etc.


VALIOR participates in the blooming of your leadership, which is strengthened thanks to this training course.

VALIOR places the knowledge of human behaviour at the core of its functions to guarantee optimum and productive results with due regard to clients/sellers/buyers.

Change of paradigms and innovation

As a pioneer in management innovation, VALIOR understood very early on how isolated managers can be, and the consequences of such a situation.

Team resistance when confronted to changes, fear of disrupting principles even though they are non productive, underlying conflicts.

VALIOR often intervenes in the management area after companies have activated all the levers of their organisation to the point that they have endangered its continued existence. And thus, through the study of formal and informal links, the analysis and decomposition of interest conflicts, techniques to learn how to think and act, highly qualified advice on strategy and how to approach humans, etc

VALIOR proposes to train you through an interactive journey of practices, techniques, and the understanding of the grounds for blooming companies.

So fundamentally, with its didactic culture of humanist and managerial doctrines, VALIOR:


  • Reveals the roots of conflicts,
  • Magnifies unsuitable compression points,
  • Highlights with agility recurring constants that are contrary to company balance.
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