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Based on an approach oriented towards operational excellence, Valior is committed to provide an innovative support system that is also on top of the management practice strategy required in the face of changes in corporate culture.

Valior’s development has oriented its solid experience towards the discovery of factors that are essential to company performance: team transformation; mentality change; motivation awakening to increase turnovers; reduction of production costs, charges and deadlines.

  • VALIOR, a “new dimension” inspiration.
  • VALIOR induces adapted actions and behaviours.
  • VALIOR, a concept based on a state of mind and emotional strength.
  • VALIOR, a digest of comprehensive techniques linked to company success.

Valior hands you in person the secrets of your success.

With over 20 years of experience, you can count on Valior and a professionalism targeted at the expectations and requirements of tomorrow’s business.



Rue de l’Horizon 28
CH-2206 Val-de-Ruz
+41 79 447 33 82